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About Us

QX Displays stands as a premier provider of top-quality display systems, earning the trust and loyalty of clients across Canada with a strong focus on British Columbia clientele. Our commitment to service, reliability, and unmatched display quality sets us apart in the market. Specializing in exhibits for 10 to 20-foot areas at tradeshows and public events, we take pride in offering tailored solutions for maximum impact.

The QX Difference

QX Displays has been in business for over ten years now.  The foundation for our success is understanding client needs and  integrating innovation, service, and reliability in meeting client deadlines. Our objective is to make life simple for clients with extra services like delivery and set-up at the tradeshow event. The QX Display commitment to quality and simplicity has resonated with our clients. Today, QX Displays is synonymous with high-impact, cost-efficient, and easily customizable solutions, reflecting our unwavering dedication to serving clients with excellence.

Our Product Focus

At QX Displays, our product lineup caters specifically to the unique needs of 10-foot and 20-foot exhibit spaces. From Stretch Fabric Systems to Back-Lite Displays and a range of banner solutions, each product is carefully designed to balance visual appeal with practicality. Our dedication to excellence extends to accessories, including branded table covers, lights, and digital enhancements, providing a comprehensive toolkit for elevating corporate presence.

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